2030 Agenda


SDGs follow a series of values, principles and work guidelines that must be followed for their effective implementation, among them:

  • SDGs and their targets must be accomplished for every nation and social sector, which implies that common success is the only valid strategy.
  • SDGs call for leaving no one behind, enhancing the importance of equity.
  • SDGs call for inclusion, therefore they prioritize the creation of decent work as one of the key pillars of the proposed model for sustained, sustainable and inclusive development.

The 2030 Agenda has been criticised by some for being too ambitious and extensive, but the degree of complexity involved in moving towards a new model of sustainable development requires it to be so. The new agenda is inclusive, inspiring and oriented to transform reality and, consequently, ambitious and broad.

This vision is clear when framing the SDGs within a set of working values, principles and guidelines defined in the 2030 Agenda, which serve as a guide to their effective implementation.

The values are mentioned in the preamble to the document and refer to five “areas of critical importance:”